Friday, 21 June 2013

Poem: Meeting Bahlool

I walk in the street, 

My head upwards in conceit, 

I look around to see, 
a man sitting beneath a gum tree, 
scruffy looking with torn clothes,
mumbling something under his nose, 
'For sale, For Sale, Here, for sale is Paradise'
I look around, and see no one in the shadows, 
As the sun continues to rise. 

He looks at me and says, 
'this is one chance, never to come again'
I think to myself, 'from this craziness I better abstain'
His name is Bahlool and he is know as majnun.

What will be the reaction to meeting Bahlool? 
A man who pretends to be crazy, 
On the orders from imam a ج, a command that is hazy, 
Yet he follows the orders to a T. 

I hear people calling him crazy, 
yet I know, he thinks of me the same way.
How you ask?  I am perfectly sane,
Bahlool would look at me and say, 
"Mahjabeen, you are crazy about the duniya again,
Is there a more delusional and destructive thing such as it?
Yet, they call me insane, unaware that this is the domain, 
Of God Almighty!  Where can I even begin to explain!"

I am once again dumbfounded by this realisation, 
That the world is but a temptation, 
blinded by it would lead nothing, 
and definitely not what people look for - liberation.

*The above poem was inspired by a recent majalis [religous social gathering] that I attended. 

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