Saturday, 27 July 2013

Poem: 19th Night Moon...

I look up to see the moon, 
blazing with light, 
tonight is the night, 
it witnessed a tragedy, 
1400 years ago.

The moon laments, 
with its brilliant light, 
tomorrow, the ill-fated day, 
Where Ali shall be stuck,
And Zainab shall weep, 
All before tomorrow, twelve noon.

I am sure the moon crisply remembers, 
The commader of the faithful, 
Going to the masjid to Pray to his Lord, 
And always the first to follow God's rule,

The moon is thankful for the clouds, 
For it shall not see, 
The daughters of Zahra,
 weeping and lamenting, 

The moon shines bright again tonight, 
Trying to show the world with its little light, 
What it sees, from far above,
He sees my master shedding tears tonight, 
by remembering the oppression on his kinfolk, 
And praying for his Reappearance, 
so he can undo the wrongs
and establish on this Earty justice and equity! 
That is the hope of the believer, 
And good news for the one who hears! 

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