Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Gift for the Holy Month of Ramadhan!

To all my readers, I’d like to present a small gift through this article for the beginning of this holy month. This is something that I learnt in a recent series of Islamic lectures I attended at Wipahs, Kibaha in Dar Es Salaam. I would like to say a word about Dua. This is a word we hear often and its one of many relevant words of this holy Month.

This is the Month where Allah[swt] opens the doors of His mercy and His forgiveness. So much so that even breathing is considered as Glorification of Allah and Sleeping is considered worship!! This it the month where the Holy Quran was revealed. The month in which we ask Allah[swt] for our wants and needs.

With regards to Dua, we learn the method from Sahifa e Kamila in which there are many Duas and the Imam teaches us how to Ask Allah[swt]. The Imam[as] starts by praising Allah[swt] and mentioning the qualities of Allah[swt]. After praising Allah[swt], Imam mentions his own humility and his own nothingness infront of Allah[swt]. He then sends salutations on the Holy Prophet and his progeny. Now, he asks for his wants and desires by phrasing it in such a way that he is asking for the Duniya as well as the Akhirah. And then sends salutations to the Holy Prophet and his progeny whilst ending the supplication. 

The thing that struck me the most during these lectures was that How many of us ask Allah[swt] for things but not expecting to attain it? I know that I myself am guilty of this. For instance we ask Allah[swt] for things but then we apply logic and our own circumstances to the situation. For example I ask Allah[swt] for a Ferrari but in my heart I think that my pay is less and that I would have to save for 5 years to get a Ferrari or that my situation wont allow me to buy one! 

This mentality is incorrect when asking Allah[swt]. Some scholars say that Allah [swt] does not give us what we ask of HIM rather He gives us what we Expect of Him!! It is important to remember that we, Human beings are bounded by laws and Our Rabb, Our Lord can Do anything that He[swt] wills. Thus when we ask, We should remember to ask ONLY Him and remember that He is the only One who can give us what we desire and that He is not bounded by the laws - but the creator of those laws! Believe that He shall give and you will receive, Inshallah.

Finally, in this Holy Month when making Duas please remember my family and myself.

I pray that Your Duas are answered and you are enveloped in the mercy, grace and Love of Allah[swt]. 


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