Thursday, 5 September 2013

You are never alone

Ever wondered what makes me me? What makes her her and him him?

Ever wondered if we are all unique, why it is so difficult to find what makes me me?

Ever wondered if we are all unique, why do we have so many similarities? We have similar motivations, dreams, desires and drawbacks in life that pull us down?

A month ago, I attended a self-help empowerment seminar in Dar Es Salaam. During the course of the  event, we were all given a plank of wood. We were told to write down 3 things that we think are hindering our progress/growth. Something or even someone, who is chaining our ankles. There were more than 80 people in that room. And guess what? Everyone could write down 3 things that are hindering them. Some people, wrote in code/sign and others in a different language. However, evetone had minimum 1 drawback.

The weird thing was that a lot of people had similar drawbacks. Some wrote that their finances were a set back, some didn't have enough time to accomplish their goals, some mentioned that their family was not supportive and some mentioned that they themselves were hindering their progress.

So if you look around, we actually are more similar than we think. We all face similar challenges and similar dry runs.

If you ever despair and think you are alone in your trials or tribulations, fear not. There are many people before you who have gone through similar situations and remember, 'this too shall pass.'

Be blessed!

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