Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A different kind of post: Lazeez review!

Peace and blessing to you all!

Its been a long time since my last post.*Phew* Finally broke the writers block.Today's post is going to be different from all my other posts : It's going to be a review - of a restaurant!! I know, i know, I am not one to be considered a foodie; although I do like little but good & tasty food. We often go out and try different places, so we thought 'why not blog about our experiences?' Now here we are.

After Mahe Ramadhan it has been really difficult to get back on to our healthy eating and exercise routine, it's crazy how all the self-restraint we learn during the holy month becomes futile on the days after Eid - and we had a similar experience! We have been eating and drinking very unhealthily for the past weeks after Eid.

Thus, went to the restaurant called 'Lazeez Shawarma & Mediterranean grill' for Brunch. It has a lovely aura when you walk in with trees and an aquarium.  Its relatively spacious, well laid out as well as quiet.  Some of the seats were old and needed to be maintained. Don't be fooled by the appearance since for the hour that we were there, there was always a line up - albeit sometimes a small line up of 2 people.

We ordered the lazeez on the rocks meal with half fries and half rice. The owner was accommodating to provide that option. The meal was tasty with both rice and fries. There was a few sauces [garlic and probably tahini] that made it very tasty and spicy. Another thing I liked about this place is that their hot sauce was a tad bit hot. I wouldn't say fierce hot, but good enough for me!

The staff are also friendly and helpful. I asked for extra hot sauce and they said it was .50$ extra, when i went to get the money; the server said not to worry about it! I thought it was petty to get customers to pay extra for chilli sauce. However, ketchup was free. I am not too fond about restaurants charging for condiments, it makes them look cheap - however, this is not your usual fine dining scene. This restaurant is almost like a fast food place to pop in and pop out. It also works since its in a plaza, which also has 'No Frills.' Hello groceries? I am taking a break and going to eat lazeez on the rocks!!

Since it's a fast food/take out restaurant, the prices are reflective of this. They have affordable specials for everyday of the week, for instance, 2 chicken/beef shawarmas for 9$. Perfect for students!  We paid $12 for our large meal - lazeez on the rocks, including a mango drink, and it was still too much for us [we are not big eaters].

Over all, I would say this is a tasty and good restaurant. One that we would go to again :) Have you been to this restaurant? And what did you think of it ?

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