Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Candy Labs Montreal

After our unsatisfactory meal at lechateau kebab in Montreal, we decided to burn off the unappetizing calories we gained by walking downtown and taking the longer route to the metro station.

Just as we were casually browsing, we saw Candy Labs! Being curious, we decided to walk in the store! And my-oh-my! We were instantly transformed to children in a candy store, except this was for adults! It was one of the most 'kawaai'* stores ever! Plus, it smelled great. We later found out that the owners had recently hand-made key-lime candies. You can watch the video preparation of these candies here

Some flavours

Candy labs is a new store in Montreal,  and what else do they make but candies? Duh!  They make bite size candies with a variety of flavours.  My favourite thing about these nibble sized candies are that they give you the burst of flavour, which satisfies my cravings without the extra calories. It honestly can't get any better! 

Their packaging is also so cute -they actually use test tubes to pack their candies in a visually appeasing array of colours. They have different sizes and shapes and they use a bear packaging for birthdays or special events. It's even possible to personalize the candies for any occasion. We thought that these would be perfect as wedding favour gifts! 

The cherry on the cake for this store is that it is hand-crafted right here in Canada. It is 100% vegan and alcohol free, and truly caters to all kinds of markets. I love that as a muslim, I can totally eat all their candies without any worry of alcohol or rennet. 

The owners Mei & Lin are extremely friendly and we hope to see them and their candies in Toronto very soon! :) 

Enjoy the bon bon and do visit the store when you are next in Montreal!

You can also check out their website and Facebook page

*kawaai = cute in Japanese! They have a huge demand for cute things as it's part of their culture. The cuter things are the more people like it over there! 

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