Monday, 14 September 2015

I don't dream - Poem

I don't dream of being in the Maldives, 
I don't feel like roaming this beautiful earth, 
When kids are being washed ashore, 
like dead fish they lay on the ground alone, 
The world looks by and doesn't do anything, 
What good is a world that ignores a baby?
Hussain had to fight one Yazeed, 
Who refused water to six month old Asghar, 
The basic human right of every human being.

Today the world stands by watching, 
Like it's entertainment, thus we ignore, 
The child lies dead alone on the shore!
O Lovers of God, where is our conscience, 
I dream of a world where every man, woman and child, 
Is free with equal opportunity, 
Where justice flourishes and no one goes hungry.
When will such a day come, I wonder, 
But we have been told,
"They think the advent is far, 
But verily it is near, And they think it is near, 
But verily it is far."

I dream of a world in which I never have to see
such atrocities to an intolerable degree 
where women are raped and used as slaves, 
Men shot for merely believing differently, 
The indifference to the plight of the elderly and children, 
I dream of a world that will never witness such atrocities.

* The Image was taken from Muslim Mama on Facebook.

The above poem was inspired as I was browsing through Facebook. I saw a post of someone saying Maldives is heaven and then I saw the picture above of the Syrian refugee Aylan Kurdi who was only three years old. It really hit me then, how desensitized we have become, how nothing really shakes the world. People often ask, couldn't the Kufians see that this Imam, was the best of creation? Yet they killed him? I think I can begin to understand how they had become desensitized and detached to the family of the Prophet [pbuh]. I believe, we are falling into the same pattern all over again!

For more information about Hussain, who stood against oppression, for justice and equality;  please visit

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