Saturday, 3 October 2015

Cacao 70 Review, Montreal & Ottawa

Cocoa 70; endless possibilities of chocolate. Who can resist that? Of course, we went to the restaurant more often than we would have liked to! The decor and ambiance of the restaurant just makes you feel so welcome, with its oranges and browns. Its inviting and comfortable.

The chairs of the place distinctly remind me of the science of restaurant seating. They say that the chairs in a restaurant should be inviting and comfortable enough for the customers to want to come, sit and enjoy their meal. However, they should not be extra comfortable so as to prevent the customer from leaving once he has completed his meal.  The decor and ambiance of the place definitely gets a thumbs up!

We enjoyed browsing the menu as we foud that it has many options and varieties. Breakfast, brunch, desserts - all in one place. What more can you ask for? We ordered the veggie frittata and the dark and milk chocolate crepe. Both these meals come with a chocolate fondue and fruits. They were divine! Llook at the pictures and you will be able to feel what I am trying to convey. Who can resist that eh? 

 The frittata also came with coffee. Ofcourse, for Canadian's it was not as good as Tim Hortons coffee, but it was pretty good! I love that they bring the frittata in the pan they baked it in. Its tasty, delicious and eggy. Perfect for breakfast or brunch.

The crepe was my favourite part of the meal! Before I tried this crepe, i was not too fond of white chocolate since I always liked the taste of Cocoa. However, this combination of dark and white chocolate - was divine!

The other desserts to try are the chocolate pizza and their fondue. They are both amazing and you can find their pictures below.

The only thing that was disappointing about this place was its service. In Montreal, the server seemed a bit cold when we went to check the place without dining in. When we told her that we were not going to be dining in today - she almost looked offended. However, the next times we went in, the service was good.

In Ottawa, we had a horrible experience with the bill. We ordered the chocolate fondue and the initially brought us the wrong one - we didn't know as it was our first time. They brought us a large one and the triple chocolate [dark, milk and white] whilst we just asked for double. We ate it since they had already brought it out. Whilst paying for the bill, they initially brought us someone else's bill. Thank God I checked before paying - so they went and brought the correct bill. Unfortunately for me, I assumed the second bill to be correct. After paying I realized that they charged me for the bigger fondue and I asked them and they said that you ate the double one. When I mentioned that I wasn't aware it was a double and I had asked for a single, I was told, "You have already eaten it!" and then walked away. That was just a horrible experience. Honestly, the Ottawa location has put a damper in my fond memories of the Montreal location.

Now coming to the main part- the prices. The frittata was $12.50, the black and white crepe roll was $11, chocolate pizza was $13.75, and the double classic fondue is $15.50 - but seriously, 3 people could easily eaten them!  Even though these prices are a tad bit on the pricey side, you have to consider that they give you an appetizer with most meals. They always have the chocolate fondue with fruits to begin with, even for the frittata. Also, I consider this restaurant is a celebratory restaurant. One could go there for birthdays, anniversaries and on special occasions. Well made chocolate deserves to be included in our celebrations, doesn't it?

Seriously true!! 

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