Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Facebook Like - Poem

You see a post, from someone you once met,
It looks great and you hit like, 
Even though the person, in real life, you dislike. 
You’d never speak to her if you saw her in the same room, 
Yet you pretend that the things she posts are cool, 
You make yourself believe, that by posting and liking, 
It's what makes you social and popular.

What you forget is that Facebook likes are dime a dozen, 
and a true conversation is rare and absent, 
in which you listen when friends speak,
where you make connections and bonds, 
that last a lifetime, and a friendship so unique.

So stop liking the posts and get out there, 
Make a friendship, that lasts a lifetime.
Listen and be there for your family, 
Instead of sitting and liking a post, 
from someone who in your life, is lost!

* PS: I do like and enjoy Facebook. I think its a useful medium to interact with other people, you can connect with long lost friends and learn so much more. This poem is to encourage us to get out there and make more meaningful experiences! :) 

Enjoy your day! :) 

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