Monday, 25 March 2013

Attributes of Allah L2 P1


Hope you all are fine and well! 

The words covered in this lesson are: God, All seeing, Living, Lord, Supreme, mankind, worlds, mighty, thing, All, Kind/affectionate, praise, in relation, except. 

Recently, I have been having a bit of a challenge trying to associate arabic words with English  - where I cannot find an exact association, I have gone for something that sounds similar and/or even another language.

Find attached Lesson 2 Part 1 on Attributes of Allah [swt]: 

In this mind-map, I have associated Azeez with Friends as in Perisan Azeez maenas friends. Also, for Shayin [ meaning Things] I have associated it with Chai [Tea in Hindi] as they sound similar. Also, for Rabb [meaning Lord] I have associated a picture of porridge as we call Porridge 'Raab' at home. Finally for Baseer [meaning All Seeing] I have associated it with Basil leaves as Baseer sounds similar to Basil [maybe in the British Accent ;)] 

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