Monday, 18 March 2013

Quranic Arabic Mindmap Lesson 1 part 1

Quranic Arabic Mind Maps. 

Recently, I have started an email correspondence course in Quranic Arabic.  Sajeeda Aunty [May Allah reward her abundantly for her efforts] sends out weekly emails with lessons and exercises relating to Quranic Words. Since my mother and I are both learning it, I decided to make mind maps to be able to remember the Arabic words. I will be using various pictures to make my associations. By no means, am I trying to disrespect Allah [swt] or His [swt] book - this is just a technique to help the mind remember the words using pictures!

Also, my personal tip would be to print out the mindmaps and make it more personal to yourself by drawing your own associations! In addition, regular reviewing is vital for recalling - ideally, the day you first make/see the mindmap, the next day, the week after, the month after and 6 months after the day for perfect recalling. 

This is also my first time that I am making mindmaps for Arabic - so bear with me if I make any mistakes.

Click on the link below to find the Mindmap of lesson 1 part 1 on the Signs of Allah [swt]:

May you be blessed!

PS: No copy right intended. All mind maps are created by myself and any usage is ONLY for educational purposes. It must not be used or distributed for any other purposes. If there is a photo that has your copy right on it, kindly contact me and I will remove it from the website. 

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