Sunday, 21 April 2013

Kerbala Poem

Salaaam Alaykum,

I had been blessed to go to Kerbala last month. Whilst thinking about Kerbala, I wrote the following small poem before my trip;


An oasis of hope in the desert of despair
A bowl of warm rice to the starving man
A chair to the man tired of walking
Serenity to the one who is worried
Love for the One who is full of hatred
Contentment to the  one who is greedy
 Home to the lovers Of Ahlulbayt
 You still ask me what is Kerbala?
 It Is ALL this And so much more! 
 My words fail to Express the  Heaven that is  Kerbala.
To those that have been yearn to go again, 
To those that havent been, they desire to go to Kerbala
A place so sacred that only one who is called can go, 
A place where one man sacrificed his life and the life of his dear ones, 
all for his Lord. 
In its rawest form, Kerbala is LOVE  Manifested in the highest manner.
For me, Kerbala is just that: LOVE!! <3

May you be blessed!

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