Friday, 5 April 2013

We are not Alone…

Its been almost week since we lost 4 young boys who were angels and beloved to their parents in a building collapsion in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. 

However, currently being in Iraq, a thought struck me; for us, the death of our own boys is so very painful- some that we know and some that we don't! This state of fear, agony, pain is witnessed on a daily basis by our  Pakistani, Iraqi, Bahraini (to name a few) brothers and sisters! It's time we take heed  from these sacrifices of little gems who must have been scared, tired, thirsty, hungry and most of all in pain. Let's take a moment to remember all children around the world who are subjected to this kind of behaviour and most of the times even worse!

Since I have grown up I have heard that we should remember the Palestinians, then Pakistani, Lebanese, then Iraqi brothers and sisters in our prayers - thats they only thing we can do, and the only thing we have ever done! So, today also, Lets ‘only’ pray for the departed souls of these angels. It's always been enough to pray for the Muslim victims worldwide - what’s the difference today? The rest of the world sees  ‘Our’ boys and their suffering exactly the way we see the suffering of ‘their’ boys! 

However, the fact that we are taking action (in the form of petitions or other ways) means that there is something more that we can do! For our boys and for the innocent victims worldwide. It might be a collective or an individual action. I know I just did!

Also,  a message to the parents of those four angelic boys. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be, but you had a Chance to provide The best for your child; God gave you The opportunity to love them, clothe them and make them lovers of Ali. You should be proud of your sons! Instead of missing their prayers due to sleep they got up and went to pray in the mosque and socialise with fellow brothers, that which is highly recommended. They could have been watching movies at home, they could have gone clubbing the night before and overslept - but they chose the right things! They went to the mosque to pray Subh salaat which many of us find difficult to wake up in the comfort of our own homes! When God chose your children was because He had faith - He had faith that you will not go away from Him in grief rather you will go closer to Him. Also because He had a message for which your children were the chosen vessels. "Allah does not impose upon any soul a duty but to the extent of its ability.”  Holy Quran (2:286)

I pray to Allah in this holy place of Kerbala that these Shabaab (youths) be in heaven with the Shabaab of Imam Hussein (as).

Disclaimer: I have signed the petition and I am just as disturbed as most of you due to the deaths of these angels. I knew the parents of two of them personally and they are far relatives of mine. This is not a post intended to hurt any one nor intended for a particular person.

I urge everyone to sign the petition below:  

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